Negotiate more than just pay

yellow please pay here signSometime you can feel stuck in a job and the boss just won’t (or can’t) increase your pay.  Is there a possibility that some other type of compensation could make you happy?  Cash is king but there are other things that an employer could offer that might be able to make up for it like:

  • Additional vacation time – Everybody likes extra time away from work!
  • Telecommute – Even one or two days a week will have you saving money and time from commuting.
  • Flexible hours – Not everyone is at their best between 9am and 5pm.  See if your work hours could be adjusted around your peak time.
  • Membership perks – Maybe your employer would allow you to keep the airline miles you rack up for the company?  Or maybe there is a professional organization they would pay for you to join.  Lots of possibilities!
  • Special project – Is there a project that needs to be completed you would like to work on?  Ask!  You my even gain some additional marketable skills!
  • Bonus structure – Propose a bonus structure based on time or performance that is measurable and can easily be calculated so you know what you will get.

Even when a pay increase is off the table there are other ways an employer can offer incentives for their treasured employees.  Give it a try, you might be surprised!

What other types of benefits or compensation could an employer offer?  Please comment.