About Us

UntitledJohn and I have never taken the path that everyone else takes. Instead, we make our own way.  When we were dating, we looked for building lots instead of going out to dinner and a movie.  We designed and custom built our first home in our very early twenties about 100 miles from where we were living, going to school, and working.  During our twenties, we played a lot!  We had boats, BMWs, snowmobiles, vacations, and started a business.  Our mantra was,”we owe, we owe, so off to work we go.”

In our thirties, we had our girls and realized that they were the most important thing in our world. We had to make some changes.  The first step was to sell our successful store front businesses and establish an at home based franchise business to enable John to work a flexible schedule.  A full time J.O.B. wasn’t going to work either, so I was able to create systems in my job to allow me to work at home, very part time.  This decade we focused on homeschooling our two daughters and scraping by financially.

image006As we got older it just kept getting better!  John started and sold a few other businesses before finding his passion as a success coach and started Locke In Your Success, LLC at the same time he was gaining education in stock trading.  The trading went very well and the business transitioned into performance coaching for traders. Since then the business has essentially doubled every year.

Since the girls were older, a career opportunity came up and I went back to work fulltime.  I also got involved in investing in real estate and was on the board of directors of the New Hampshire Real Estate Investors Association for a number of years.  We built homes, rehabbed, and bought rental property.  I love real estate!

Now, John and I live a life by our own design.  Both of us found our passion in helping others, investing, and living debt free.  Our schedules are busy but still flexible. We work because we want to, not because we have to.  It is a great way to live and we would like to help others who want to live a life of their own design.  This is how the Financial Freedom Classroom became a reality.  We hope you find value in what we offer and we would like to help you to live a life that you designed and can be proud of.