A Photo can be worth a thousand words and shares

Male hand holding cellular phone with image of happy family of three looking at cameraPhotos are a HUGE draw for posts to either your blog or social media.  They are a MUST!  There are some important considerations though when using pictures and they are:

-Ensure you are in compliance with copyright law.  Images are subject to the same copyright and fair use laws as written materials.

-Avoid using a search engine to find an image.  For the most part it is a waste of time because most of the images you will find are copyrighted and can’t be used.

-Find a source for photos and use the search within the website.  Most of the time you either have to pay for the image or give proper credit to the source to use it.

-Keep the image toward the top of the post to lure in readers.  It must be above the scroll line.

-Use your own images.  With cameras in every cell phone, it is very easy to take and post your own photos.

Consider including photos in all your posts.  It will bring more excitement and interest to your information.  Plus others will be more likely to share the content and isn’t that the whole point?

What sources do you use for your post photos?  Please share!