Pay early and keep more!

“Percent On Falling Cubes” by renjith krishnan from

“Percent On Falling Cubes” by renjith krishnan from

Take advantage of any and all early pay discounts.  Why not?  For example, many gas or oil companies offer a discount if you pay the entire balance within a few days of your fill.  For us in NH where it is ridiculously cold and we have at least 5 fills per year, it will allow us to keep about $150 per year.  To break it down, we get about a 4% discount on our fills if we pay within 10 days.  That’s $30 per fill, times 5 fills, equals about $150!  I would rather use that money for something else rather than burning it!

Even paying by credit card would work too, if you absolutely have to. However, the rule is to ALWAYS, ALWAYS pay your credit cards IN FULL EVERY MONTH.  Never carry debt.  If you cannot pay in full, DO NOT CHARGE IT!

How many of you take advantage of early pay discounts?  Please comment.


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