12 THINGS AT CHRISTMAS THAT CAN ADD DEBT TO ME – 6. “But They REALLY Deserve It” Overspending

I can justify just about anything. Just ask me. I can probably come up with a reasonable excuse for you on the spot. I bet you can too. This is because once we let our emotions start talking, they can be very persuasive. You know that little voice inside your head that starts whispering to you when you want something. It might say something like…”Wow, that is a perfect gift for mom. I know it is expensive and more than I had planned to spend “BUT SHE REALLY DESERVES IT”. When you start with that kind of language you need to pause.

This pause is needed so you can stop your emotional mind from talking and have your rational mind step in to start considering the consequences of overspending. If you make this purchase, what will it do to my spending plan? Can I shift items around or go without something so I can make this purchase for her? This next question can bring up all kinds of possibilities though. How can I get her that present without going over my spending plan?

Maybe you have siblings who can pitch in to pay a share. Are there any specials or sales coming up that you can take advantage of? Can you sell something you have to raise the money? Is there a way to earn extra income during the Christmas season? The possibilities are endless. As you go through the “How Can I?” process your answer might be a combination of all of them.

Usually, where there is a will, there is a way to get what you want. But don’t jeopardize your success from an emotional response. That’s not the way to get you where you want to be.