Do you have a jar that you throw coins in at home? Or do you have gift cards that people gave you last year that you wondered what you are going to do with? What about the credit card rewards that you have been racking up? There are many places that money can be hiding. Maybe some of these ideas will keep you in the green!

Roll up those coins and see how much you got. While cleaning your house and car keep an eye out for coins to add to the jar. You may be surprised how quickly it adds up! Then you can use it this year or start your gift fund early for next year!

If you’re not careful or use them right away, gift cards can sit left unused. They get kicked under beds or tucked in wallets and somehow disappear. Think of it as a treasure hunt and start digging! It can be very helpful to buy gifts with those long-lost gift cards and give your gift savings a break.

Credit card rewards are very exciting when you haven’t been paying attention to them for months, then suddenly you check the reward balance and it can be hundreds! In many cases, the credit cards are paying more in rewards on what you spend than the bank will give you in interest! Also, many of these cards have discounted products you can purchase to make the money you get from rewards go even farther. Take advantage of it! (Always, always, always pay your monthly credit card balances in full! Never carry a balance over so you have to pay interest or fees. It is counterproductive!)

Always keep your eyes and mind open, you would be surprised how much money you can find!