12 THINGS AT CHRISTMAS THAT CAN ADD DEBT TO ME – 10. Buying For Every Person On Your List

Time is more valuable than money. Everyone’s time is limited. We all know eventually our time will run out. Instead of buying gifts, consider planning a fun activity like making precious homemade gifts or meet someone important to you to talk with or volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about. How do you feel when you spend time having fun with someone you care about? You receive a gift of joy as well right? Tis the season!

Take time this holiday season a walk in the park or a trail. Have a heart to heart talk and listen intently. During your time together block out any and all other distractions. No phone or watch notifications. Focus only on that one person for that time and I am sure they will remember and cherish that memory for a long time to come.

Invite a special someone over to your kitchen to show them how to make a treasured favorite, family recipe. When you are done give them a handwritten recipe of that dish and maybe a new pan for them to take home to cook it in. I bet they will think of you every time they make or eat that dish!

For people who aren’t mobile or able to travel, ask what they’re favorite game or book is. Then bring that book or game when you visit and spend time playing or reading together. You could learn why that is their favorite and it could become yours!

Experiences that make happy memories are the most cherished gifts!