12 THINGS AT CHRISTMAS THAT CAN ADD DEBT TO ME – 12. Buying Holiday Merchandise Just Before The Holiday

You saw some new, hot Christmas decorations in the store and you just have to have them to complete your holiday décor. So you look at the price…oh my…well I really, really want it…the price is a little high but Aunt Norma is coming and I think she will really love it. Who knows how many more Christmases we will have together so I better get them now…It really isn’t THAT bad so…you buy it. Does this sound familiar?

BAM! You lay down the full price of $300, run home, and put up those decorations. A week later on Christmas day, all your guests, especially Aunt Norma swoon over your new decorations. You feel a sense of pride and happiness that you made everyone’s Christmas better by buying those decorations.

A week later while you are returning that ugly sweater that Aunt Norma gave you, you see all the Christmas decorations are 90% off! Wow, that is a great deal! It couldn’t possibly include the decorations I bought a few days ago for $300…could it? Your stomach gets tight and your head is down with your eyes peeking tentatively around the corner to the display and sure enough that 90% off sign is prominently displayed on the decorations you just bought. UGH! Really?

Here is a tip, these discounts happen every year. Just after Christmas prices get slashed and you can buy wrapping paper, bows, gift tags, and of course decorations at a fraction what it cost just days earlier. So in your spending plan set aside a fund to make these purchases just after Christmas so you can be ready for next Christmas and keep a lot more money for your gifts!