Cutting the cable

Image courtesy of arztsamui from

Image courtesy of arztsamui from

Do you remember a time when you could watch TV for free? Maybe you had to buy an antenna.  I know it is a radical thought in this day and age where everyone has cable subscription service, but do you enjoy it enough to keep it? Is it just a habit to pay the bill every month?  Take back control of your television watching!  There are currently many options for your viewing pleasure beside cable television and usually with less commercials!  One is to watch programing from your computer, which can be streamed wirelessly with Chromecast or connected with an HDMI cable.  There are many programs available for FREE LIVE or sometimes you may have to wait for a short period of time after the show airs.  There are also online pay services like Netflix or Hulu that charge a MUCH lower monthly fee, mostly under $10 per month.  Consider it!  I am sure you could find a use for that extra $100 or more per month.  Couldn’t you?

What could you do with that extra $100 plus per month?

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