Establish goals then lean in

Beautiful beach - Locke up Hawaii 2016Are you meeting your trading goals?  Do you have trading goals?  Everyone should have goals, it is a way to measure your progress.  If you don’t know what you are reaching for will you ever get it?  Probably not.  How can you reach a target you don’t have?

Begin with the end in mind.  For instance, how much will you need for that dream vacation?  If we planned a dream vacation for next year with a budget of $12,000, would we be able to go?  It depends.  If you carefully plan and track your progress, it is certainly more likely.

For example if the balance in your trading account is currently $50,000 you would need to earn 12% on those funds over the next twelve months to book the trip.  Should you just check back on your account in a year to see if you reached it?  Of course not, break it down further.  If you earn 1% each month on your account less fees, that will be 12% over the course of a year.  This goal should be checked on at least monthly to ensure it is on track.  You certainly wouldn’t want to start planning a dream vacation you cannot afford to take!

We have established just such a goal for our students under Locke In Your Success, LLC called Locke Up Hawaii 2016!  We congratulate all the participants as it is a big step to publicly state a goal for all to see.  It creates a greater sense of commitment and community around the goal.  Consider publicly stating your goals and find supportive peers to provide accountability and encouragement for you to meet them.

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