Worth their weight in gold!

Image courtesy of digitalart from freedigitalphotos.ne

Image courtesy of digitalart from freedigitalphotos.ne

A CPA can be a very important member of your investing team who can guide you through the labyrinth of taxes.  They are worth their weight in gold to you and your business.  A true CPA professional can ease your stress and save you lots of money you may have given Uncle Sam because you didn’t know any better.  Here are some tips when working with a CPA to make the most of your time and money.

Form a good relationship.  Once you find a good CPA, stick with them.  They become familiar with your business and they will ask important questions to lead you to a lower tax bill.  Of course, telling the truth is very important because it may make your CPA terminate your relationship and will hurt you if you are dishonest.

Lower your annual bill by being organized.  If you hand over a shoe box fill of receipts instead of a categorized report of expenses, your bill will most certainly be much higher.

Use your CPA in making decisions.  Be sure to consult your trusted CPA regarding purchases and don’t make assumptions.  Those assumptions could be very costly.

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