Check, check and check again

Image2 courtesy of Stuart Miles from

Image2 courtesy of Stuart Miles from

Due diligence is VERY important, especially in real estate.  It is a fact finding mission to ensure all the information you receive is confirmed by the people qualified to give that information.  For instance, a neighbor of the subject property tells you the annual fee is $50 for the association but after you buy it you get invoiced $50 EVERY month.  That information should have been confirmed with the association BEFORE being purchased.  Your brother in law comes to look at that stain in the ceiling and tells you that is an old water stain from an ice dam but it turns out to be black mold and the roof needs to be replaced.  This can be a BIG problem. The advice should have been confirmed by a certified contractor BEFORE being purchased.  Please, please, please find confirm all information received from qualified people BEFORE you buy.

Is there any information you wish you had confirmed BEFORE you bought?  Please comment.

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