What’s under your feet?

Image courtesy of  twobee from freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of twobee from freedigitalphotos.net

Carpet can be warm and fuzzy, but is it the best floor covering in a rental unit? Maybe not. Carpet is extremely absorbent so any liquid spilled can stain or stink up the room.

Hardwood can splinter, stain, warp, and buckle. However, it is a higher end flooring and is typically sought after by potential residents. A good buffing after a resident leaves usually is enough to entice a new resident.

Tile, if installed properly in a level floor can last a very long time. It is very durable and a good scrubbing can make it look new again. It can also be slippery and cold which could turn some residents off.

A great product we have found for flooring is called Allure from Home Depot. It is inexpensive, highly durable, water resistant, and looks great. This floating floor can be easily installed over an existing floor and has many different styles for different applications. It is definitely worth considering when flooring needs to be replaced.

Please share what is on YOUR floor!