Six figure income, no college degree required

Image courtesy of adamr from

Image courtesy of adamr from

There are potentially many fields where someone could make a six figure income without a degree but we were surprised to learn from that one was being a court reporter.  According to the article “Court Reporter: A Job That Makes Six Figures, With No College Degree” the field is expanding.  To be considered for a job in this field there are many different certifications available and you need to research what is required by employers in your area.   Some additional skills required are typing at around 225 words per minute and having the ability to easily differentiate between voices.  It could be just the right career for individuals who are looking for a high paying job without the education requirement.  Or maybe for a career change?

Are you looking for a change in career?  If so, please comment on what field you are in and what field you would want to switch to.

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