Think before you post

Social Media BirdEmployers are getting smarter and using social media to check out potential hires even BEFORE deciding on who to interview.  Think about what is on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked In and YouTube or any other social media site about you.  Would a potential employer viewing the posts think you would be a good fit for their organization?  Maybe, maybe not…

“I start my new job today but I absolutely hate working at day cares, Lol it’s all good I just really hate being around a lot of kids.” was a post from Kaitlyn Walls on Facebook that cost her a much needed job.  The employer called her and told her not to bother showing up to start work that day.  Think before you post.

As we have told our kids, consider anything you post on social media to be on a BIG billboard that your family, friends, teachers, employers, etc. drive by and read everyday.   Before clicking enter and posting make sure you would be proud if they all saw it, because chances are they will.  This caution applies to everyone.  Think before you post.

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Transition time! From school to work

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic at

For most of us the transition from student to worker is quite an adjustment.  Instead of hanging out with classmates all day and night, you will be taking a walk out of your comfort zone into the work place with a bunch of new people who most likely will have been working in that field for a long time.  They know the ropes.

One of the fastest ways to get familiar with your duties is to find a mentor.  Even though you spent years in school learning the theory of your work, there is a lot more to learn on the job.  Continue to be a student and soak up as much as you can by those who are top in the field.

Healthy work habits can help you excel as well.  Most companies have regular work hours, so staying up late as you might have done when you were in school might make it difficult for you to be productive.  Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep and find a healthy work life balance at the beginning of your career so the next 40 plus years are happy ones.

What were some of the challenges when you transitioned from school to work?

Six figure income, no college degree required

Image courtesy of adamr from

Image courtesy of adamr from

There are potentially many fields where someone could make a six figure income without a degree but we were surprised to learn from that one was being a court reporter.  According to the article “Court Reporter: A Job That Makes Six Figures, With No College Degree” the field is expanding.  To be considered for a job in this field there are many different certifications available and you need to research what is required by employers in your area.   Some additional skills required are typing at around 225 words per minute and having the ability to easily differentiate between voices.  It could be just the right career for individuals who are looking for a high paying job without the education requirement.  Or maybe for a career change?

Are you looking for a change in career?  If so, please comment on what field you are in and what field you would want to switch to.

A very important question…

Image courtesy of Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from

Image courtesy of Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from

A job interview can frazzle your nerves and keep you guessing how you performed long after it is over.  Why not ask your interviewer a question that can help clear your mind and let you know right where you stand before you leave the interview?  Ready for it?  Here it is…“Is there any reason you wouldn’t hire me?”  The answer to this one question will give you a ton of information.  If there is any doubt in their mind and they express it, it will give you the opportunity to further explain your position and eliminate their doubt.  Of course if there isn’t any reason, you can expect a follow up call with a start date!  Make sure you ask this question!

What are some other questions you might ask an interviewer?  Please comment.



If you don’t love it, make a plan to leave it.

Angry Businessman Crushing Paper by imagerymajestic from

Angry Businessman Crushing Paper by imagerymajestic from

If dislike your career, start making a plan to find one you can be positively passionate about.  Our work can generate strong emotions and the amount of time you spend each week working is substantial.  It is very possible your negative emotions will carry over to your relationships and job performance.   It will be very difficult to be a top income earner if you are not in the proper mindset.  Also, you owe it to yourself and those around you to be happy most of the time.  If you don’t love it, make a plan to leave it.

What career are you passionate about?  Please comment.