Staging to sell

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 from

Image courtesy of Gualberto107 from

It is important to command attention and maintain that attention in order to sell.  The same is true when selling a house.  There must be some features in the house that elicit “WOWS” from your audience or you could lose their attention.  Home staging can make that happen.

It starts from the moment the potential buyer pulls up to the house.  That first impression is extremely important.  Be certain all the grounds are well maintained, grass is freshly cut, plants are new and not over grown.  Add a “WOW” factor if needed, maybe some amazing, inviting flowers or a water feature.

The house should be light and bright with a good flow.  Eliminate all clutter and personal touches, so that the buyers  can envision their stuff in the house.  Less is more.

Just when you think the house is ready to be shown, go in each room and identify the “WOW” feature in each room.  If you can’t find it, neither will the buyer.  Be sure each room has something that makes it memorable, then you are ready to sell!

What are some of the “WOW” features in your home?