Market research is important!

Image courtesy of  Stuart Miles from

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from

Ever wonder if you are getting a good deal? You should know if you are or not! With apps and the internet making information more available there is no excuse. One of the best ways to review prices is to check sold items on To search, enter the item into the search field, hit the REFINE tab, scroll down to “Sold items” and select it, then click done. A list of sold items and their prices will be displayed. It is a great tool.

Another way is to check a price is on There are also many price checker apps available, the one that we are most familiar with is Amazon price checker. It has a bar code scanner so that when you are in the store you can scan the bar code of an item and it will give you pricing information. It has saved us multiple times from paying way more than we should have! Do that research!

What other sites can provide market research?  Please comment.