Three qualities of great employees

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Looking to up your game?  Want to make your boss love you?  If you possess or can incorporate these qualities into your job you can become the “go to” person in your office.

1.  Take copious notes and keep track of them – When you have been given a task be sure to take notes as to what is expected.  Then be sure to diligently track the progress and report on it.

2.  Over communicate – Be sure to explain fully and keep everyone in the loop.  Articulate a plan with specific steps and instructions so that anyone reading it could understand it.  Follow up regularly to anyone that has a piece of that process to keep things moving along.

3.  Double check – Before you submit an email, report or entry double check it.  Carefully check for understandability and yes, spelling.  If people see lots of spelling mistakes they will believe you are not detail oriented.  Details matter!

These three qualities can propel an average employee into a great employee.  Give it a try.  It might even lessen the stress of the job by being better organized and prepared.

What other essential qualities of a great employees can you share in the comments?

How to EASILY get other people to do what you want

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Everyone knows the old saying “You catch more flies with honey than you can vinegar”.  It is absolutely true, even though we aren’t fishing for flies.  We are fishing for good relationships.  Whether it is your family, friends, or employees, the old adage is true.

Don’t misunderstand, the vinegar approach will work in the short term because nobody likes negative consequences. However, for long term relationships the honey approach is always better.  

Some good tips to be sure you are using the honey approach is to be polite, caring, and listen well.  Be focused and attentive when having conversations.  Then always work towards a win-win for both parties.

 This one tip can make the difference between your employee having your back or kicking you in the behind!

 Can you list another tip on how to get your employees to do what you want?