Free Doughnuts Every Friday In March 2020!

Starting tomorrow, members of the company’s DD Perks program will get a free doughnut with the purchase of any beverage, company officials announced. The offer is available for every Friday through the end of the month.

The company said its free perks program has more than 13 million members. Membership in the program is required for the free doughnut promotion.

Wendy’s and McDonald’s have also pushed nationwide free giveaways to promote their respective apps. Wendy’s, which launched its breakfast menu nationwide earlier this week, is giving away a free Chicken Biscuit sandwich with purchase on mobile orders. McDonald’s offered free Egg McMuffin sandwiches last Monday. Enjoy!


Start Key Showing Car Or Vehicle Ignition

Start Key Showing Car Or Vehicle Ignition

Sometimes you just need a running start in the right direction.  The second phase in our financial freedom plan is to get you started in the right direction by being prepared.  In order to stay on track you will need to have the structure in place to succeed.

To get through the “Starters” phase you will need to:

1.  Establish a “starter” emergency fund

2.  Take full advantage of an employee retirement matching program, if one is available to you

3.  Ensuring there is term life insurance in place, if there are others who are relying on your income.

Being prepared for the future is an important step towards financial freedom and we would like to help!  Until Friday, June 19th, we are offering a FREE analysis of your financial situation.  Just complete the worksheets by clicking the link.  There is no cost or obligation and of course your information is kept confidential and secure.  Simply submit your worksheets, we will carefully review them, then schedule a follow up call to discuss how to accelerate your financial freedom journey.