Always watch your nets

FInancial dataSpend less than you earn, is the golden rule for phase one in our financial freedom plan.  In the financial case study webinar last week we were able to show how the Spendalot family went from a negative monthly net  to a positive net that can accelerate them right out of debt.  With determination, focus, discipline and hard work it can happen relatively quickly.

Two of the tools we used in the case study were a Net Worth Worksheet and a Monthly Spending Plan Worksheet.  We have uploaded those worksheets under our Resources; Money Management page on our website.  Click here to get a copy for your use.  If you have any questions regarding these worksheets please submit your questions to

SPECIAL OFFER!  For the next 30 days we are offering a FREE analysis of your completed worksheets.  There is no cost or obligation and of course your information is kept confidential and secure.  Simply submit your worksheets, we will carefully review them, then schedule a follow up call to discuss how to accelerate your financial freedom journey.