Are you paying unnecessary fees?

Image courtesy of Mister GC at freedigital

Image courtesy of Mister GC at freedigital

Pull out your bank statements.  Go ahead, go get them.  Are there any fees?  If there are find the best account for your banking habits that DOES NOT charge fees.

We are not talking about bounced check fees.  If you are a check bouncer, shame on you, you deserve to pay whatever fee they charge you.  If you have bounced a check by “accident”, get some overdraft protection.  Bouncing checks is serious and everything should be done to avoid that ever happening again.

Statement fees and most ATM fees are unnecessary.  There are plenty of different types of accounts available that don’t have these fees.  A bank account representative should be able to review your banking habits and recommend an account to avoid these fees.  Sometimes, credit unions are a great option.

Please give your bank a recommendation in the comments section if they DO NOT charge you any banking fees.