Swimming with a shark

3-D Sucess, Lead by exampleOne of our favorite sharks from the Shark Tank TV Series is Daymond John.  Recently we had the opportunity to listen to him speak on a webinar titled “The Power of Branding”, but it was so much more.  Daymond spoke genuinely and honestly about his struggles and ultimately his rise to the mogul he is today.   It was very inspiring!

We would encourage anyone to take the time to seek out successful business people like Daymond to follow.  Even though they might not necessarily be able to personally interact, they can certainly have an impact on your life and business.

Through books, articles, websites and social media it is now easier than it has ever been to have access to successful people in  your industry.  We challenge you to seek out some of the people you would most like to follow and do just that.  You never know some day someone might be looking to follow you!

Please write in the comment section who you would suggest people follow.

CNBC can be part of your success

“Life Process Sticky Paper On Glass With Drops Water Background” by 2nix from freedigitalphotos.net

“Life Process Sticky Paper On Glass With Drops Water Background” by 2nix from freedigitalphotos.net

Need some fresh ideas for a new business or your existing business?  Invest some time in watching CNBC!  They have some fantastic shows to spark ideas to take your business to the next level.  Shark Tank has some wonderful ideas and a lot of education on business.  There are at least five investors on a panel that hear about businesses and products.  The business owners come on the show to ask investors to invest in their business.  It is very entertaining and educational with a very likable cast of investors.

Another great show is The Profit.  Marcus Lemonis is a very successful entrepreneur who invests in struggling businesses to make them VERY profitable.  He discusses his theory of the three P’s of business, People, Process and Product.  Again, this very educational show can provide ideas for new business owners or fresh ideas to reignite established businesses.

What new business idea have you tried that was successful?  Please comment.