Growth does not happen overnight

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Many clients ask, “When should I start investing?”  The answer is “Immediately”!  Investing in the stock market is a marathon not a sprint.  The earlier you invest the more you will have when you need it.

It is difficult for teens to consider investing in the stock market but investing early can produce HUGE dividends.  If an 18 year old were to invest $5,000 in a mutual fund that earns an average of 8% annually and invests $100 monthly they will accumulate $1,255,081 on their 70th birthday.  Pretty great birthday present, wouldn’t you say?

If you decide to take your birthday present just 10 years earlier, you will be giving up a lot!  If you stop investing when you are 60 years old and you end up with a mere $557,146.  So when should you start investing?

Grab an investment calculator and run the numbers.  We challenge you to speak with your children about investing and how they can incorporate it into their life.  Please comment below about your experience.

Tips to get your teens out working this summer

Happy teen writing a resume

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Want to help give your teens an edge on landing a job?  The competition during the summer months can be tough.  Have them well prepared with these tips:

1.  A well written, error free resume will make your teen stand out.  In addition have a separate sheet with references, include personal references of teachers or coaches if your student has limited work related references.  Include work ethic experience in volunteering, doing community service, participation on a sports team, and leadership in a school club or organization.

2.  Help prepare your teen for the all important interview.  Run through potential interview questions to get your child comfortable with some prepared responses.  Explain the importance of making a good impression, being clean, well spoken and have some knowledge about the company you are looking to work for.

3.  Always be arrive early to the interview.  Have your teen be aware of their body language by giving a firm hand shake, sitting up straight and avoid crossing their arms across their chest.  They should convey confidence by speaking in a strong voice, enthusiasm for the work they will be doing and a definite can do attitude that they can perform the job well.

Get those teens out working in a field that they may be interested in pursuing as a career.  Even if it is an unpaid internship.  It will help steer them in the right direction for hopefully a long, happy career.

Please share in the comments what job your teen plans to work over the summer.