Entertainment for free

Spotlight Joy Represents Stage Lights

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from www.freedigitalphotos.net

We teach that while you are paying off debt you can not spend money on anything other than what is in your spending plan for your necessities.  Have you been sacrificing and working to pay off your debt without any reward?  If you have, you could be close to the breaking point.  You need to get out and have some fun without spending anything.  What do you do?

Volunteer your time.  Here are some ideas of things you can do to get out and be entertained:

  • Offer to usher for some shows.  In exchange for your services you get to watch the show.
  • Coach others in a sport you love and have some time on the field.
  • Chaperone some field or camping trips at places you think are great.
  • Assist an art instructor in a medium you like and would like to learn more.

We bet you will find you get far more than entertainment.  Try sites like www.volunteermatch.org and the opportunities go on and on.

Please comment on other volunteer opportunities available that can provide some entertainment value.