Exciting Options Trading Opportunity!

Bearish Butterfly logo - PLAY TO WIN!We are thrilled to announce that John Locke has been invited back to the SMBU Options Tribe to discuss his Bearish Butterfly strategy.  This has been a core strategy of his for many years and he is excited to show this powerful strategy in action today at 5PM EDT.

This strategy teaches:

1.  Trade guidelines that offer a high win rate in most market conditions AND potential high returns in certain market conditions.

2.  Provides BIG profits in bearish trending and volatile markets.

3.  A systematic and objective way to appropriately size your trade and adjust your profit targets based on time and market conditions.

4.  A simple once a day management method to adjust your Bearish Butter to changing market conditions.

CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page for two videos which were made a couple years ago showing this strategy in action.  Then today at 5PM EDT CLICK HERE TO LOG IN to listen to John’s discussion showing this strategy has stood the test of time.

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Four advantages of options trading

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In the past, trading options has gotten a bad rap but with education and a sound trading plan, they can be a VERY profitable way to invest.  Words like “risky” or “dangerous” have been incorrectly attached to options trading and we would like to state the advantages to dispel these statements.

1.  Leverage – An investor can buy a option position to mimic a stock position at a huge cost savings.  For example, in a stock position a purchase of 200 shares at $100 per share would cost $20,000.  A similar option position would be to purchase 2, $20 calls (each call equals 100 shares) which would control the same 200 shares for $4,000.  Then the investor can use the other $16,000 to invest elsewhere.

2.  Lower risk – An investor can protect their position by use of  “puts” and “stop-loss orders”.  Stop losses will automatically put an order in to exit a position at a predetermined price and puts can make money if the stock goes down.

3.  Greater returns – By spending less for a call than for the actual stock, you could make almost the same profit, which translates into a higher percentage return.

4. Profit in any type of market – With the use of puts, options traders can play the downside of the market.  This is definitely a benefit!

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Do you trade options?  Please comment on the advantages.

Don’t hit the panic button!

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles from freedigitalphotos.net

The stock market goes up and down.  You can bet on it.  Kind of.  When you have made a trading plan that takes into account your risk tolerance, stick with it.

It can become difficult when the market is not going in the direction that benefits you but a well constructed trading plan should be carried out.  Trust your instincts from when you were in the planning stage, not the emotional state the market can put you in.

For an additional article on the importance of following your plan, click here for Don’t Lose The Trade Before You Enter It.

Please share your experience when you stayed with your trading plan when you began to panic.

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