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Learn to trade simply from an innovator!

Golden Bull and Bear - Simply Awesome!Why has the Super Simple Spreads course been a best selling program?  Join us this Thursday, June 4th at 7:30pm to find out!  John Locke will be discussing his course that any one with basic options experience can follow because it is simple!
Here is what some of his students are saying about the program:
John is an innovator who has helped my trading immensely.  I have found his methods and philosophies about trading to be life-changing.
Since working with him, for the first time in my life, after years of trying, I have become a profitable trader. -Troy
His strategies work because he has such a good innate feel for the multi-dimensional interplay of price, volatility, and the Greeks.  John has the ability to take something very complex and make it accessible to the less experienced trader.  John also works extensively with the all-important “soft factors” of psychology, emotions, and discipline. -Phil
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Four advantages of options trading

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In the past, trading options has gotten a bad rap but with education and a sound trading plan, they can be a VERY profitable way to invest.  Words like “risky” or “dangerous” have been incorrectly attached to options trading and we would like to state the advantages to dispel these statements.

1.  Leverage – An investor can buy a option position to mimic a stock position at a huge cost savings.  For example, in a stock position a purchase of 200 shares at $100 per share would cost $20,000.  A similar option position would be to purchase 2, $20 calls (each call equals 100 shares) which would control the same 200 shares for $4,000.  Then the investor can use the other $16,000 to invest elsewhere.

2.  Lower risk – An investor can protect their position by use of  “puts” and “stop-loss orders”.  Stop losses will automatically put an order in to exit a position at a predetermined price and puts can make money if the stock goes down.

3.  Greater returns – By spending less for a call than for the actual stock, you could make almost the same profit, which translates into a higher percentage return.

4. Profit in any type of market – With the use of puts, options traders can play the downside of the market.  This is definitely a benefit!

Check out John Locke’s new Super Simple Spreads program to take advantage of options trading which is currently at a discount until April 30th.  Don’t miss out!

Do you trade options?  Please comment on the advantages.

Call maybe or put?

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Do you want to control large amounts of stock for pennies on a dollar? Well who wouldn’t? With call and put options you can!

Each option that is purchased controls 100 shares of stock. For example the cost of an option might be $3 per share, so to control the 100 shares of stock it would cost $300. To purchase that stock, it might be $160 per share, so to purchase that same 100 shares would cost $16,000. With options you have the power of leverage!

Call and put options give you the right to buy (call) and sell (put) a stock at a specified price for a certain period of time. Always remember there is a time element to these options and you will recognize a gain if the stock price goes up (call) or down (put) enough to cover your costs (the stock price plus the cost of the option). If the option expires at or below the stock option price they are worth nothing. Zero, zip, nada! Keep your eye on those options…

Please comment on your success with trading stock options.

Know your levels

An important part of stock trading is conducting technical analysis.  This analysis must include support and resistance levels.  These are important beSupport levelscause they tell you what range a stock’s value has historically traded at.

The support level is the price at which the stock generally does not go below.  It is where the demand for the stock keeps the price from going any lower.  Of course support breaks can happen, (bummer L) which will then create another support at a lower price point.

The resistance level is the top price for a stock.  It is expected that the price will not rise any higher.  Again a resistance break can happen,  (Yay! J) which will create a higher top price.

Know these levels and use them in your technical analysis so you can win!

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Historically out performs the S&P 500 and most mutual funds?

Do you want to learn “One Simple Trade” that historically out performs the S&P 500 and most mutual funds?   Follow the rules of “The Bull” and you can.  Check it out!

One Simple Trade at a 73% WIN PERCENTAGE. Interested?


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Image courtesy of ddpavumba from

It is called “The Bull” and it is NOT full of it.  This Thursday at 7:30pm join our FREE webinar where we will go over this simple stock option trade that really seems too good to be true.  But it isn’t, here are the highlights:

-No Technical Analysis!

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-No Adjustments!

This trade only needs to be checked once a day, just like making your bed in the morning.   This would be an excellent investment vehicle for your IRA retirement accounts or really any account that you want to grow with minimal interaction.

What is the WIN PERCENTAGE of your trades?  Please share.