Bed Bath & Beyond Keurig Deal!

The quick decision to purchase a Keurig coffee machine turned out to be a great deal! It was on sale, I had a 25% off coupon, and a gift card that I had purchased at 20% off, I saved $90! Watch to learn how you can do it too!

Bath and Body Works Wall Flower Deal And Freebies! November 2022

Wallflower fragrance refills from Bath & Body Works are a great way to enjoy the smell of your home. For the Christmas season we are enjoying Fresh Balsam because of this amazing deal! Watch and learn how I did it!

Kohl’s Great Clothes Deals for December 2022

When I received the email that Kohl’s was offering 40% off I knew it was time to go shopping. Armed with my coupon, Kohl’s Cash, and Christmas shopping on my mind I was able to save $142.39 on this purchase. Click this link to watch!