Kohl’s Great Clothes Deals for December 2022

When I received the email that Kohl’s was offering 40% off I knew it was time to go shopping. Armed with my coupon, Kohl’s Cash, and Christmas shopping on my mind I was able to save $142.39 on this purchase. Click this link to watch!



A sales flyer worth opening

Image7 Courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

Image7 Courtesy of Stuart Miles at freedigitalphotos.net

It seems every day we get more and more solicitations in our mail boxes.  Most get discarded and usually deserve to be.  But there are some that are worth a quick once over to make sure you aren’t throwing money away.

Kohl’s is one that should be scanned through.  They offer MANY ways to get discounted merchandise.  One is that they offer a 10% to 30% off your total purchase, this usually comes in the mail so be sure to peel off that label!  Inside the flyer they may offer $10 off a certain category of purchase like mens, juniors, home etc.  Be sure to open that flyer to find these valuable coupons.

In addition they offer a Yes2You, customer appreciation program which offers you $5 for every $100 spent.

Earning Kohl’s cash is another great way to stretch your dollar. The usual offer is $10 certificate for every $50 spent to use at a future date.

What makes all of this exciting is that there are VERY few limitations on these discounts AND they can all be used together, even on clearance or sale merchandise.

Let’s put some real money on this, recently we purchased $550 of clothes for $100 and received $20 in Kohl’s cash and $5 in Yes2You rewards.  So the net is $550 dollars worth of merchandise for $75!  Simply awesome.

Please share a some other great retail stores that offer the BEST DEALS!