Stocks; forming a foundation

“Stocks Chart Graph Shows Increase Investment Earnings” by Stuart Miles from

“Stocks Chart Graph Shows Increase Investment Earnings” by Stuart Miles from

In order to form a good understanding of stocks, we need to start from the beginning.

What are stocks?  Companies raise money by issuing shares of stock.  By purchasing and holding the stock, you are part owner in the company.  As a company earns more, the stock increases in value and investors are willing to pay more for the stock.

A stock you may have purchased for $1 per share over time may eventually be worth $11. If you sell the stock at that time for $11 you have recognized a 1000% gain.  However, if you hold the stock and it rises, but then falls to $.10 per share, you now recognize a big loss.  The value of the stock can be unstable and fluctuate, which can risk your capital.

How much risk are you willing to take?  Please comment.

To flip or buy and hold…that is the question.

Real-estate Concept. Sold Sign, People And Home by cooldesign from

Real-estate Concept. Sold Sign, People And Home by cooldesign from

Real estate can be a great way to invest your money. However, you must be careful. It cannot be an emotional or a desperate purchase.  The decision must be factually based and VERY carefully analyzed.   Buy with the end in mind. 

There are two different strategies that we will be focusing on for real estate investing. One is buy and hold; the other is to flip properties.  Your choice depends on what your goals are and the current market conditions.  I have heard other investors state that they put so much effort into each deal they want to hold onto them, but it really depends…

Do you like to flip or hold and why?  Please comment.



If you don’t love it, make a plan to leave it.

Angry Businessman Crushing Paper by imagerymajestic from

Angry Businessman Crushing Paper by imagerymajestic from

If dislike your career, start making a plan to find one you can be positively passionate about.  Our work can generate strong emotions and the amount of time you spend each week working is substantial.  It is very possible your negative emotions will carry over to your relationships and job performance.   It will be very difficult to be a top income earner if you are not in the proper mindset.  Also, you owe it to yourself and those around you to be happy most of the time.  If you don’t love it, make a plan to leave it.

What career are you passionate about?  Please comment.

No, I won’t be quiet! The library is a great source of FREE entertainment!

Shhh Stock Photo by photostock from freedigitalphotos.netYour local library can be a remarkable resource for all kinds of savings for your family.  The obvious is all the books they have, but did you know that if you can’t find what you need at the library you can get an “interlibrary loan” so you don’t have to go out and buy the book.  There are also on-line books and audios that you can borrow right from home without going into the library.  The library also has movies to borrow which can eliminate any DVD or Blue Ray rental fees.  Do you like to go to museums?  Many libraries have free passes to borrow, which can be a big saver!  Enjoy some FREE time with your family this weekend, visit your local library!

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Financial Freedom Classroom: A New Year!

In case you missed it, take a look at the replay of our first webinar for!  It will give you a brief introduction and some things to do NOW to make 2015 a GREAT YEAR!  

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What is your top financial goal for 2015?  Please leave a comment…

Are you ready? Let’s blow the lid off your financial goals in 2015!

New Year 2015 Background Stock Image By noppasinw, courtesy of FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NETWill this be the year you start focusing on your financial freedom? Or are you already on the path?  Either way, we will be here with resources, products, blog posts, webinars, and coaching to help you reach your 2015 goals.

Join our webinar tonight to review our New Year Financial Checklist which will have some VERY IMPORTANT topics to ensure you have a good start to 2015.

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New Year 2015 Background Stock Image By noppasinw, courtesy of FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

One day to launch! Happy New Years Eve!

Download 3..2..1..happy by Danilo Rizzuti from www.freedigitalphoto.netOne day to launch!  Happy New Years Eve!

We hope everyone had a wonderful 2014 and are looking forward to an even better 2015!  We wish you all the VERY BEST!

Tonight marks the close of a great year for us and the exciting beginning of a new one with Financial Freedom Classroom!

We wanted to share a little more about some of the topics we will cover in our weekday blog posts.  Of course money management and being debt free will be at the top of our list.  We will also dig into topics by investigating multiple streams of income through real estate investing, the stock market, business management and career development.

Enjoy the final day of 2014 and get ready for 2015 because here it comes!

We hope you will stay with us through 2015 and ask questions often at

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Two days to launch!

Businesswoman Drawing Concept On Whiteboard Stock Photo by pakorn from www.freedigitalphotos.netShare because you care!  Please share this new website and webinar information with your friends and family.  Many of the blog posts will contain financial information for everyone, especially those who are interested in keeping MORE OF THE MONEY THEY HAVE EARNED!  The posts will be short, easy to read, and provide valuable information for everyone.  Two days to go…

Photo – Businesswoman Drawing Concept On Whiteboard Stock Photo by pakorn from

Three days to launch!

Get your year started off right on January 1st at 7:30pm EST by joining our first Financial Freedom Classroom live webinar.  I know when we were struggling we had a lot of questions about how to achieve our goals and I am sure you do too.  We would love to hear what they are in advance at, or enter them live during the webinar.  Please register here to join us on New Years Day!