One Simple Trade at a 73% WIN PERCENTAGE. Interested?


Image courtesy of ddpavumba from

Image courtesy of ddpavumba from

It is called “The Bull” and it is NOT full of it.  This Thursday at 7:30pm join our FREE webinar where we will go over this simple stock option trade that really seems too good to be true.  But it isn’t, here are the highlights:

-No Technical Analysis!

-No Searching for Stocks!

-No Adjustments!

This trade only needs to be checked once a day, just like making your bed in the morning.   This would be an excellent investment vehicle for your IRA retirement accounts or really any account that you want to grow with minimal interaction.

What is the WIN PERCENTAGE of your trades?  Please share.


Give yourself a raise!

“Hand Puts A Penny To A Heap Of British Coins” by Serge Bertasius Photography from

“Hand Puts A Penny To A Heap Of British Coins” by Serge Bertasius Photography from

Does your employer offer a matching contribution pension plan?  If so, give yourself a raise!  It is a guaranteed return.  Consider even contributing beyond the amount your employer will match but ALWAYS contribute to maximize the match.  The IRS has rules and yearly contribution limits.  Check them out at

Very carefully review your investing options inside the plan and select the appropriate mix of investments to make it grow!  With generous donations and good management your account should keep growing. It will eventually become a large part of your financial support when you retire.

If your company has a retirement plan what is the matching contribution rate?  Please comment.