Launching…Super Simple Spreads

Bull VS. BearAre you a new options trader or an experienced trader who would like simple effective strategies that require very little attention?  Super Simple Spreads program can solve many of the challenges that most options traders face, simply.  The program will demonstrate four simple proven strategies which will change your perception about high probability trading.  The strategies are:

  • The Bull
  • The Bear
  • The Bull VS. Bear
  • The Vcondor

This program was created by international options coach, John Locke, SMB’s #1 Options Trader.  Andrew Falde recently interviewed John Locke regarding Super Simple Spreads and his rise to top Options Trader.  Listen to the podcast for some great information.

Click here for a brief introduction video to the program by Seth Freudberg, Director of the SMB Options Trading Desk.   Ask John questions on a free live webinar this Thursday, April 23, 2015 at 4:30 PM Eastern, the day of the program launch!  In the webinar you will learn why John Locke trades super simple options spreads in addition to complex strategies… and why you should to.

Lots of ways to join, no reason not to!  Check it out!  Click like if you will be joining the webinar on Thursday.

One Simple Trade at a 73% WIN PERCENTAGE. Interested?


Image courtesy of ddpavumba from

Image courtesy of ddpavumba from

It is called “The Bull” and it is NOT full of it.  This Thursday at 7:30pm join our FREE webinar where we will go over this simple stock option trade that really seems too good to be true.  But it isn’t, here are the highlights:

-No Technical Analysis!

-No Searching for Stocks!

-No Adjustments!

This trade only needs to be checked once a day, just like making your bed in the morning.   This would be an excellent investment vehicle for your IRA retirement accounts or really any account that you want to grow with minimal interaction.

What is the WIN PERCENTAGE of your trades?  Please share.